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No Escape from Planet Motherfucker

a heresy of grass

Kiru Bee
18 October 1984
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aeon flux, agape mou, alan moore, anatomy, androgyny, b. kliban, barbarella, batman, birds, bisexuality, books, boys, brian michael bendis, cerebus, comics, crows, cryptonomicon, cyberpunk, dave sim, deals with the devil, dreams, dykes, egon schiele, eros, fairy tales, fiction, film, finder, flux, foley, foreign tongues, fuck, fucking, gaming, girls, glass, graphic novels, hair, hares, harlequin, harley quinn, hey bulldog, homoeroticism, imagination, inspiration, irony, jamie hewlett, japan, japanese language, judicious levity, lengwedge, lesbians, leverets, levers, libration, lies, linguistics, lot's wife, love, lust, marx and lennon, meat, mercutio, moral ambiguity, mu, mutatis mutandis, mythology, noir, obliquity, obloquy, obscurantist prosody, opinions, oscar wilde, p. craig russell, peristalsis, pigeons, pixels, platonic love, playing devil's advocate, porn, preacher, preversions, procrastination, rabbits, rain, rarebit fiends, ravens, reading, really good sex, red hair, rictor norton, romance at short notice, salt, sapphists, science fiction, sea glass, sesquipedalianity, sex toys, sexuality, shar rednour, shoujoai, six string samurai, sound, speculative fiction, stories, stuck rubber baby, subtext, subtlety, superheroes, surrealism, symbols, tales, tarot, taxidermy, terrible lies, the desert peach, the fool, the moon, the pain, tide, tim kreider, tism, toys, trevor goodchild, tyler durden, utena, vandalism, vicissitude, victoriana, violence, webcomics, words, worlds, writing, yellowjacket greenapple, zombie apocalypse, zombies